What we do

Holist is a building and built asset management consultancy operating across in the specialist accommodation sectors.

"Places where housing, care and hospitality meet."

Since 2006 our team have been providing technical support and leadership at all stages of the property lifecycle for the owners specialist accommodation assets.

In 2015 we brought this expertise under the Holist umbrella.

Our clients trust that we know how property assets are budgeted, designed, procured, built and operated.

They seek out our opinion to make informed decisions at all stages in the property lifecycle.

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who we are

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We provide surveying,  construction and facilities management expertise for our clients across both new and retained property assets in encompassing specialist accommodation.

Our sector specialism is our strength. As well as allowing us to grow a body of knowledge and experience, it is key to supporting the strategic focus we put on bringing together diverse development partners as well as investors in operating businesses.

Through a combination of our unrivalled technical knowledge and experience, we add real value to existing relationships and promote new ones which might not otherwise exist.

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